Dental Bridges in Orlando, FL: Reclaim Your Smile

Benefits and Functionality of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a transformative solution for those with missing teeth, offering aesthetic and functional benefits. 

These restorative devices work by bridging the gap created by one or more missing teeth, utilizing adjacent teeth as supports. The immediate use of a dental bridge is the restoration of a complete smile, which enhances self-confidence and appearance. 

However, the advantages extend beyond mere cosmetics. Dental bridges play a crucial role in improving oral functionality. They enable effective chewing and aid in proper speech, aspects often compromised by missing teeth.

Additionally, bridges help maintain the shape of your face, preventing the sagging of facial muscles, a common consequence of tooth loss. They also contribute to oral health by distributing bite forces evenly and preventing the drifting of remaining teeth, thus maintaining the natural alignment of your bite. 

At Dental Flossophy in Orlando, FL, the focus is on providing personalized care, ensuring that each bridge fits perfectly and matches the aesthetic of natural teeth, thereby offering a seamless and comfortable dental solution.

Dental Bridge Options at Dental Flossophy in Orlando, FL

Dental Flossophy in Orlando, FL, offers a range of dental bridge options, each tailored to meet individual patient needs and preferences. 

The most commonly used type is the traditional fixed bridge, ideal for filling gaps with healthy teeth on either side. These bridges are robust and made from materials like porcelain fused to metal or ceramics, offering durability and a natural look. For cases with adjacent teeth on only one side of the gap, cantilever bridges are a practical option. 

Dental Flossophy also offers Maryland bonded bridges, known for their conservative approach. These bridges are less invasive, using a metal or porcelain framework related to the back of adjacent teeth, often selected for front teeth restorations. Each option is discussed with patients, considering their specific dental structure, aesthetic goals, and oral health. The team at Dental Flossophy employs advanced technology and techniques to ensure precise fitting and customization of bridges. This commitment to quality care and attention to detail ensures that patients reclaim their smiles and enjoy improved oral functionality and health.

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